about fluotec lighting team

FLUOTEC® is a leading manufacturer of LED & professional lighting fixtures for television studios, motion pictures, video & photography. FLUOTEC® Studio Lights, Soft Lights, & Location Lights includes Spot Lights FRESNELS & StudioLED PANELS® that deliver powerful and beautiful light that bring tri-dimensional atmospheres to the scenes and images, either in photography, in television, or in motion picture productions.

FLUOTEC® has been present in the international markets for 20 years, a has considerable experience in lighting technology.

FLUOTEC® presents to the television lighting markets, new, powerful, high quality, innovative and efficient lighting FRESNELS.

FRESNELS from FLUOTEC® have no color shift between the center and the edge of the beam, the NEBULA® technology, unique to FLUOTEC® StudioLED FRESNELS®, emits powerful, high quality, full spectrum white light beams. This produces even light, well-defined shadows, desirable skin tones and accurate and vibrant stage and costumes color rendition.


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fluotec awards
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