FLUOTEC Studio & Production LIGHTING

FLUOTEC the award-winning design and manufacturing firm of lighting products and services for the cinema, television, video, photography and theatrical industries.

Pure white light LED Fresnels & Panels solutions


FLUOTEC® is a Leading Manufacturer of Studio & Production Lighting Fixtures

Welcome to FLUOTEC® —Your most reliable source for studio and production lighting fixtures.

We are an award-winning design and manufacturing firm specializing in lighting products and services for motion pictures, television, videography, photography, and theatres.

With over 20 years of rich experience in the international market, FLUOTEC® has marked a solid reputation for itself as one of the best studio and production lighting companies in the industry.

Our high-end lighting solutions are used worldwide in broadcast studios, film production houses, rental and photo studios for their fabulous lighting quality, output control, and affordability.

We Empower Media Professionals & Content Creators

For more than two decades, FLUOTEC®, as a production and studio LED lights company, has been empowering media professionals: filmmakers, lighting designers, cinematographers, videographers and photographers by providing them with pure white lighting precision instruments, which can help them achieve their vision in the digital era.

Our studio lighting and production lighting TV and CINEMA LED lines offer a versatile pool of solutions for the new generation of content creators that can help them master their art form and stand out in today’s media production environment.

The FLUOTEC® lighting lineup, range from remote outdoor production lights to large, middle and small scale LED lighting used in indoor studios.

We Offer the Highest Quality Pure White Light LED Lighting Equipment

By prioritizing light output quality and affordability over other metrics, FLUOTEC’s luminaires are now the highest quality pure white light LED lighting equipment in the industry and consistently score high in CRI and TLCI ratings.

Our fixtures are far better of what most studio lighting companies offer, ensuring the correct and pleasant rendering of color across a wide range of camera systems.

Our LED lighting equipment lineup reflects FLUOTEC’s commitment to empower, illuminate, and optimize the media industry, providing professionals with a comprehensive range of high quality, pure white light luminaries.

Our LED fixtures suit every specific need, while also remaining one of the most affordable and efficient lighting solutions.

LED PANELS AND FRESNELS with NEBULA® Technology for Perfect Lighting Conditions

The CineLight®, StudioLED®, StarMaker® LED Panels and VegaLux® and AuraLux® Fresnels from LED lights company, FLUOTEC® has no color shift between the center and the edge of the beam.

The NEBULA® technology, unique to FLUOTEC® StudioLED Panels and Fresnels, emit powerful, high quality, full-spectrum white light beams.

This produces even light, well-defined shadows, desirable skin tones, and accurate and vibrant stage and costumes color rendition.

FLUOTEC®…We Light, You Create!