The CineLight 120 Quad® with its square form factor is the choice of lighting cinematographers and television lighting designers for the production of broadcast programs, news, sports and commercial spots. It is also used in corporate videos with high production values and the production of TV series, virtual reality, and greenscreen SFX applications. Lightweight, rugged, ergonomic, self-contained, ecological and affordable. With its big surface of pure white light source of soft or long throw lighting, the CineLight 120 Quad® is the best option for use in high rise studio or near-field productions.

  •  2 ft x 2 ft
  • 1.79 A (213 W) @120 VAC
  • Constant Output Pure White Light DMX
  • Light and Powerful 5,522 Lumens
  • Manual and/or DMX control
  • 8 presets memories for color temperature and custom configurations are allowed between 2700 K – 6600 K
  • A very high efficiency Broadcast & Cinema luminaire with white light LEDs controlled by our exclusive software-hardware drivers
  • Constant luminous output for the whole range (2700 – 6600 K) of CCT is achieved with our proprietary designed calibration curves
  • Interchangeable or fixed Diffusor Panels
  • Reflective Chamber and LED lens intensifiers
  • HALODIM® Stepless CCT & Dimming Technology


  • QUAD diffuser G6CNT127
  • Gel frame G6CNT128
  • C-Clamp G6FLT262
  • Safety cable (1) G6FLT059
  • AC cord with Powercon connector 16 ft (4.82 m) G6CNT154
  • Stand mount spigot 5/8” G6FLT057



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Stand Fitting 5/8”
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