Employing advanced interchangeable diffusion, the Cinelight 240 4×2 Bi-Color LED Light Panel with Yoke from Fluotec is designed for studio broadcast/cinema productions in need of compact, efficient, and soft white lighting. Measuring 4 x 2′, this panel produces 7,774 lux at 6′ and features a variable color temperature of 2600 to 6300K with a high CRI rating of 97. It comes with a universal 90-240 VAC power supply, a yoke, a diffuser, a C-clamp, a safety cable, a standard 5/8″ spigot, and a 16′ AC cord with powerCON connector and switch. The yoke allows for generous tilting and the use of the included interchangeable diffuser as well as other light modifiers.


  • Smooth stepless 0-100% dimming with minimum color shift
  • Dispersion angle of 90°
  • Manual and DMX control
  • DMX control automatically assigns two channels, one for attenuation and other for color temperature
  • Control via standard wired DMX or by DMXcat wireless DMX with an optional DMXcat transmitter
  • Eight preset memories for color temperature and custom configurations are allowed between 2600-6300K
  • Strong yet lightweight aluminum construction
  • Protective corners from engineering thermoplastic are resistant to impact
  • Specially designed for video, broadcast, streaming television, high-speed photography, digital cinema, film XR, and VR motion pictures lighting
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Accesorio 057
Stand Fitting 5/8”
Accesorio 121
Gel Frame
90° Eggcrate
60° Degree Light Control Honeycomb
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