The new CineLight 480 Super Quad® is a constant output BiColor Tunable DMX LED Long Throw Panel soft lighting fixture of high quality pure white light with interchangeable diffusion and a CCT range from 2700 K to 6700 K.

It features a constant output of pure white light making it the largest and most powerful luminaire on the market; the light output is equivalent to 4 CineLight 120.

The great thing about this light is that unlike the much more expensive competitors the CineLight 480 Super Quad® is a self-contained luminaire that does not need a ballast or power supply.

  • A very high efficiency broadcast & cinema luminaire with High-Speed option
  • Constant luminous output (2700 K – 6500 K) of CCT with proprietary designed calibration curves
  • Local LED digital display panel for manual control
  • Remote DMX control assigns 2 channels, dimming and color temperature
  • Preset button for custom configuration of color temperatures
  • 2 High-Speed values for Tungsten and Daylight CCT
  • Interchangeable diffusion panel
  • NEBULA® reflective and diffusion chamber technology
  • 50º LED intensifiers
  • Integrated power supply


  • Super QUAD diffuser G6LCNT221
  • Gel frame G6CNT222
  • C-Clamp G6FLT262
  • Safety cable (2) G6FLT059
  • Wired 16 ft Remote Control G6LCNT224
  • AC cord with Powercon connector and switch 16 ft (4.82 m) G6CNT156
  • Cargo case with handle and wheels G6LCNT223


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Stand Fitting 5/8”
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