Unleash the power of portability! The CineLight 50 is a compact 1X1 panel that packs a punch. Ideal for on-the-go shoots and tight spaces, this Panel delivers the quality and intensity you’ve come to expect from Fluotec. Enhanced with Gold-Mount battery compatibility, you’re free to light up any location. All CineLight models enjoy the same suite of advanced features.

With Yoke Gold-Mount battery plate G6CRGB234
Kit 1 Gold-Mount G6CRGB235
Kit 2 Gold-Mount G6CRGB236
Kit 3 Gold-Mount G6CRGB237
AC Input 90-240V – 50/60Hz
DC Input 14-18V
Weight lb/kg 16.78 lb / 7.56 kg
Power 0.42A (50 W) @120VAC
CCT 2,700K – 6,500K
Extended Range 2,700K – 10,000K
CRI >95
Remote dimming Via DMX 0% – 100%
Local dimming Digital Display 0% – 100%
  • A very efficient broadcast & cinema luminaire with high- speed option.
  • Plus/Minus Green control.
  • Full Color / HSI / XY / Filters / Settings menu.
  • Constant luminous output (2,700K-10,000K) of CCT with proprietary designed calibration curves.
  • Local LCD digital display panel for manual control.
  • DMX 2 or19 channels.
  • User defined presets.
  • Interchangeable diffusion panel.
  • NEBULA® reflective and diffusion chamber technology.
  • Integrated power supply.
  • Wireless DMX (Lumen radio).


Accesorio 041
Accesorio 057
Stand Fitting 5/8”
Accesorio 121
Gel Frame
60° Degree Light Control Honeycomb
60° Degree Light Control Honeycomb
Accesorio 262
Barn Door
Safety Cable
Stand Mount
90° Degree Light Control Grid
Travel Case KIT1
Travel Case KIT 2
Cargo Case KIT 3
Pop Bank
Pop Bank
Egg Crate
LT Diffuser