The CineLight® Color120 2X2 DMX LED Panels featuring a square form factor, are designed for studio and location use in a variety of ways either in remote locations or hung in traditional television studios.
Employing advanced Interchangeable diffusion, and a square form factor it is a useful luminaire for lighting cycs or used overhead, the CineLight® Color120 2X2 DMX LED Panels from Fluotec offers attractive, soft light that illuminates and flatters your subjects.

Measuring 1,237 mm 48.7” x 384 mm 15.1” x 125 mm 5”, the CineLight® Color120 casts a 44° beam with variable color temperature from 2500 to 10,000K, backed by the fixture’s CRI/TLCI rating of 95 – an indicator of advanced accuracy in color rendering.
There are programmable presets for often-used settings, and dimming is variable too, from 0 to 100% either locally on the fixture, or remotely from a console via DMX.
Like many LED fixtures, the CineLight® Color120 uses completely silent passive cooling – a great asset in sound-sensitive environments.

The panel comes with a universal 90-240 VAC power supply, a 16′ powercon cable, a diffuser, a gel frame, and a safety cable.
They are the ideal solution for 3 point lighting
A basic Three Point Lighting scheme can provide good results for a one-person shot.
This solution works modeling shadows to allow the audience to perceive depth on a flat screen.

Human vision with two eyes that have overlapping fields of vision provide you with binocular vision for perceiving depth. But a television and cinema cameras only have one lens and the display surface is, likewise, flat.
But with proper modeling with the Cinelight, light and shadows in differente planes let us perceive 3D depth in an otherwise 2D medium.
All Cinelight Luminaires have been tested for use in film and digital media and have won Best of Show Awards at the NAB Show


  • A very efficient broadcast & cinema luminaire with high- speed option.
  • Full Color / HSI / XY / Filters / Settings menu.
  • Constant luminous output (2,500K-10,000K) of CCT with proprietary designed calibration curves.
  • Local LCD digital display panel for manual control.
  • DMX 19 channels.
  • User – defined presets.
  • Interchangeable diffusion panel.
  • NEBULA® reflective and diffusion chamber technology.
  • Integrated power supply.


  • G6CNT124 Interchangeable Diffuser,
  • G6FLT262 C-CLAMP,
  • G6FLT059 SAFETY CABLE (1),
  • G6CNT154 AC CORD with POWERCON CONECTOR 16 ft (4.88 m).
Accesorio 041
Accesorio 057
Stand Fitting 5/8”
Accesorio 121
Gel Frame
60° Degree Light Control Honeycomb
60° Degree Light Control Honeycomb
Accesorio 262
Barn Door