Introducing the Fluotec RGBWW CineLight Panel Family—premium pure white light panels engineered for professional broadcast and production lighting. Available in five versatile sizes, it unlocks unparalleled creative freedom for any application.

A compact 1X1 panel that packs a punch. Ideal for on-the-go shoots and tight spaces

Double the size, double the impact! 2X1 panel designed to dominate any studio setting.

A versatile 4X1 panel designed to light up entire sets. . Tailored for large-scale productions

2X2 panel it’s a broadcast favorite. Unprecedented versatility for complex lighting setups.

4X2 panel doesn’t just light up a set; it transforms, Step into the realm of limitless possibilities

Discover Unmatched Versatility and Performance: 14 Reasons Why Fluotec Cinelight Panels are Your Ultimate Choice in RGBWW LED Lighting

Standard Features Include:

1. Precision Plus/Minus Green Control: Achieve perfect color balance with advanced Plus/Minus Green control.

2. Full Spectrum of Color Control: Fine-tune your lighting with HSI/XY/Filters/Settings menu control, matching any scene’s mood and atmosphere.

3. Constant Luminous Output: Enjoy consistent lighting quality across the 2,700K to 10,000K CCT range with proprietary calibrated curves.

4. Ergonomic Manual Control: Use the local LCD digital display panel for effortless manual adjustments.

5. Sophisticated DMX Integration: Seamlessly integrate 2 or 17 DMX channels into lighting setups.

6. Professional Wireless Lumen Radio System: Ditch cumbersome wires and focus on your creative vision with built-in wireless communication.

7. User-Defined Presets: Save and access your preferred configurations with ease.

8. Versatile Diffusion Options: Quickly adapt to various lighting scenarios with an interchangeable diffusion panel.

9. NEBULA® Reflective and Diffusion Chamber Technology: Eliminate hotspots and artifacts for an even and immersive lighting experience.

10. Integrated Power Supply: Simplifies setup, saves space, and reduces weight, ensuring an efficient and hassle-free lighting arrangement.

11. Fanless Heat Dissipation: Noiseless operation on set for a distraction-free environment.

12. Refresh Rate up to 40,000Hz: Perfect flicker-free lighting for high-speed operations.

13. PowerCon Connection with Power Loop Through: Streamlined rigging and cabling for hassle-free setup.

14. Virtual Gel Library: Access your favorite gel filter colors directly within our built-in library.

The new Fluotec Cinelight Family

Pure, Reliable, Affordable, Uncompromisingly White Light