Pure White Light, ehanced features
At lowe prices

Fluotec® a leading innovator in LED RGBWW Panels and Fresnels for the TV Broadcast, Production, and Streaming industry, launch of its groundbreaking CineLight® series. 

Available in five versatile sizes, this range introduces cutting-edge features and enhancements, providing unmatched lighting solutions at competitive prices for studios of all sizes.

Offering a broad color temperature spectrum from 2700-6500k, extendable up tp 10,000k, the CineLight series enables precise adjustments to suit  various shooting enviroments 

Stable and uniform output across color temperatures ensures a reliable, consistent lighting environment, crucial for extended shooting schedules.

Directors and cinematographers can enjoy creative freedom with enhanced color adjustments, including plus/minus green and full-color HSI/XY control.

Is pleased to announce immediate availability of the CineLight®️ 100 and CineLight®️200 Long. Pre-orders for the CineLight®️ 50, CineLight®️ 200 Quad, and CineLight®️ 400 are now open. The series is competitively priced, reflecting Fluotec’s commitment to delivering superior enhancements and innovations without compromising on quality or performance.

Our game changers

C 400

4×4 RGBWW Led Panel

C 200Q

2×2 RGBWW Led Panel

C 200L

4×1 RGBWW LEd Panel

C 100

2×1 RGBWW Led Panel

C 50

1×1 RGBWW Led Panel


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