DMX LED fresnels


Enjoy consistente Puré White lighting with Tungsten or Daylight color temperatures

This fresnels opérate on an universal power supply and boas a los power draw, with a virtually silente fan cools its efficient LEDS.

Local digital display for función selection and dmx channel asigment. PowerCon connection with power loop through and DMX connections.

Exclusive Nebula Diffusion Chamber® for a Beautiful High Cri and TLCI* variable beam light for defiende shadows & color rendition.

Our game changers

Tunable DMX Bi-Color Fresnel

7″ StudioLED Daylight Fresnel

7″ StudioLED Tungsten Fresnel

8″ StudioLED Daylight Fresnel

8″ StudioLED Tungsten Fresnel

5.5″ StudioLED Daylight Fresnel

5.5″ StudioLED Tungsten Fresnel


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