Illuminate Your On-Field Interviews

In the realm of on-location interviews, where adaptability and portability reign supreme, the Fluotec CineLight series emerges as a beacon of versatility and reliability. Specifically designed for such dynamic shooting scenarios, the CineLight 50 and CineLight 100 stand out as ideal choices, offering a seamless blend of mobility and performance.

What sets the CineLight series apart is its expansive color temperature spectrum, ranging from 2700K to 6500K, extendable up to an impressive 10,000K. This flexibility empowers filmmakers to tailor the lighting precisely to fit diverse shooting environments, ensuring optimal results regardless of the conditions. Moreover, the series boasts stable and uniform output across various color temperatures, guaranteeing a consistent lighting environment—a vital asset for prolonged shooting sessions.

Directors and cinematographers will delight in the creative freedom afforded by the CineLight series. Enhanced color adjustments, including plus/minus green and full-color HSI/XY control, grant unparalleled control over the visual narrative, allowing for nuanced expression and mood manipulation.

Exciting news awaits enthusiasts of professional lighting solutions, as Fluotec proudly announces the immediate availability of the CineLight® 100 and CineLight® 200 Long models. Furthermore, pre-orders are now open for the CineLight® 50, CineLight® 200 Quad, and CineLight® 400 variants. With competitive pricing, Fluotec reaffirms its dedication to delivering superior enhancements and innovations without compromising on quality or performance.

In conclusion, whether capturing intimate interviews in remote locations or conducting dynamic shoots on the go, the Fluotec CineLight series stands as a testament to innovation, portability, and uncompromising quality—a trusted companion for filmmakers navigating the complexities of on-location production.

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